Have you lately been feeling heavy, lazy, blah? What have you been eating? Have you been exercising? Do you take time to meditate? Time to self, to reflect and regroup. Are you resting well?
You know the saying you are what you eat and you reflect on the outside the way you are living on the inside? Pause.
Have you been complaining a lot? Feeling down and separating yourself from everyone including those that you mean the most to. Have you been saying all men are dogs or all women are gold diggers? Have you been saying out loud that there is no one out there for you or that no one cares for you. Bad mouthing your boss and co workers. Have you been using people just to get by? Laughing with the enemy and turning your back on angels?
Let me get to the point! What you put out is what you will get back. You want respect you must respect others, you want loyalty, you have to show your loyal to others! You want love abundantly? YOU have to BE LOVE!
Show the world that you are unconditional love and watch how many people return love to you and even some without  knowing who you are as love will just pour out of you as you are just passing by.
I know, and I get it! You’ve been hurt so much, you’ve already tried to be all you can to BE LOVE to even those that do not return it and it burns you. You’re over it. But listen, in this big ass world, have you really done all you can and reached every person possible for you to shower love upon? Is it true you’ve just been trying to BE LOVE for the select few you’ve chosen which could possibly be the wrong ones currently and this is why you are getting the same burned out results? I mean you don’t go to the grocery store and buy the same ol shit that makes you ill or causes your tastebuds to go flat. You don’t give up eating either just because you had a few bad bites of terribly thought up food.
Let me wrap this up by saying that if you want to BE Healthy and eat good foods, you must work to make money so you can buy groceries. Money buys whatever you need! When it comes to love we have heard it many times that money doesn’t buy love! What buys love is LOVE! So BE LOVE, racked up on that shit, and starve no more!!!!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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