Take a look in the mirror for a moment. Imagine yourself at your happiest time. How does your face look? How do you feel? Now, look again and imagine yourself at your lowest times. A time when someone has hurt you, upset you, tried you, used you, abused you, talked bad about you, made you feel less than you are. At your best times to your worst times do you still love who you are whole heartedly?

I’ve said it before! We are who we are even when we think we are out of character! You are your highest YOU when your feeling great and you are that nasty bitter person when you are at your low (don’t get mad I’m talking about myself but if the personality fits, take it OFF, it’s not cute!!!! )

So now, back to the question. Do you love yourself completely and honestly? You should!!!!! Even at your low times. Maybe you don’t like the way you act when your not at your best but you should still love who you are and if you don’t make a change! Others will follow suit in loving you as they will have no choice. People see you how you see yourself and will also treat you accordingly! I mean there may be some people that just don’t like you regardless of how good of a person you are or not but that’s okay! I believe for the most part you can make love happen and in this make people love you by being your true self and loving who your true self is.

Having a bad day? You should be able to admit that, communicate that, and then control your actions towards others during this bad time. Having a great day? Share it with others and make their day great. BE LOVE and Get LOVE! Even in your low times!!!!!!!!!!

So physical traits have the same effect. You have freckles and think no one likes them? Extra weight? A different face, unique walk, talk differently than most, birth mark, moles, whatever physical trait that you have no control over? Learn to love them sweetie! Know that this uniqueness was given to you to rock like no other person could. Stop apologizing for how different you are or explaining to others about how you don’t like this and that about your physical being. Don’t point it out as a bad thing. Instead flauuuuuunnntt it. Put it in their face and make them looooooove it! Most models are founded and adored for their unique weird looks but their confidence in what they look like is what cons others into seeing it as beauty, because dammit it is beautiful! To be different is fucking beautiful!!!! Sorry I get a little passionate sometimes.

If you can learn to love who you are in your lowest times, your highest of highs, ugly days, beautiful days, through criticism, even your own, you will BE Irresistible to others!!!!! No one will be able to really say anything about you! They will be forced to love you
Also!!! I know this because I see it everyday with people and experience it myself. When I doubt who I was and didn’t like me, others followed the same feeling and it showed. I mean I still had friends but I wasn’t surrounded with people who love me as I am today. When I meet some people I am sometimes even surprised at some of the things they see in me as I don’t always see them myself. But I’m learning that I can only be me and if I am with no apology and remain consistent that I will be the bestest, most handsome, sexy, fun, outrageous, ME and no one will be able to resist me!!!! 😘😘

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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