Sometimes it’s hard to BE all you can BE for other people, unless you are in the army ?. It’s great to be there for other people, catering at times even. When all you worry about is being the best for others and forget about being the best for yourself, you head down the path of possibly being taken advantage of, used, abused, basically a doormat (see keynote BE Appreciated).
Truth is if you can BE The Best to yourself, naturally you will be The Best you can BE for others as well. It’s a mirror reflection! How you are to yourself is how you will be to others!
The old saying if you can’t love yourself how the hell You gone love somebody else, thanks Rupaul. The same goes if you can’t be your best for you then you won’t have best to give to someone else. Lmao okay it doesn’t sound as good but really.
Stop running yourself raggedy trying to BE the Best for other people and putting yourself in second place. Share the first place spot by BEing The Best for yourself and then sharing your best with everyone around you! Encourage them to do the same and boom! You got first class service coming at you very soon.

BElieve , BE Free, BE TOUtiful, … BE!

Keone Dent


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