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Whether we like to admit it or not, we all compare ourselves to other people. From their looks, bodies, personality, wardrobe, lifestyle, whatever it is.

I used to have, well, I sometimes still do have this problem. Especially when I’m on social media looking at all these bad asses with their shirts off posed all sexy mouths puckered up, eyes squinted and they have 20 likes or double taps. Lmao! Exactly! I thought what you just thought. Then I see another account to where someone who is less than flattering, posed naturally and smiling super big and they have likes and comments and hearts, and emojis. Etc. Then I’m like, huh? Really, how? What is it? Googling their name to see if maybe they are a celebrity I don’t know about. 😂😂😂. It’s all in our heads!

It is a disease we all suffer from. In which some have a worst case of it making them haters or worst, insecure!

Don’t be a hater and don’t be insecure! The truth is there will always be someone better looking, smarter, with a bigger personality, more fashionable style than you, in YOUR mind!

Get out of your mind and stop caring about who may be ” better looking” or “more knowledgeable” than you. YOU are the only you there is and that’s pretty hot in itself!

You ever see someone you think you look better than and they have the girl/guy and your still single. Ever went for a job and met those going for the same position in the lobby while waiting for the interview thinking, I got this, they aren’t so bright, yet they come out with the job and you come out with 10 resumes ready to send them back out. More examples are coming in your head I’m sure. GREAT! That saves me from rambling.

You see it’s not about who is Better looking, or smarter, or has that or this, that you feel you lack. It’s about being the best you can be! BE sexy your way! BE smart about life’s decisions, BE fun and outgoing YOUR way! Wear your clothes how you want to! Walk YOUR walk! Talk YOUR talk! BE Yourself! Because there is no one else that can be that better than you! I guarantee if you do this many things will work in YOUR favor, and there will be many who wish they could do it or look like YOU!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


One thought on “BE Yourself

  1. This is very true!!! Most are making the comparison but few are willing to acknowledge!

    Yes, you sir are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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