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We all need sometime alone at times, yes very true, but it is very important to push yourself and have some times with friends and family. So many reasons!

This post isn’t intended to be long winded (and you know how I rant on, especially if you know me in person! Smh. So I’ll try to get right to the point. Yeah right lmaooooo ? no really, I’ll try!

I went trough a period of time in Florida where I was hanging out with the wrong people as I exploited in a recent blog post, BE Clear. Along the way I tried many different things in life that wasn’t great for me and as I let most of them go I held on to weed. Not just occasionally but was a chronic (pun intended) smoker daily! Sometimes all day! I had a great day job, was successful with dance and acting troupes, had family all around, including my granny (past blog spot of our story that goes with this one in BE Present), so I had many people around yet I felt lonely.

Don’t we all get lonely sometimes? And many times we are surrounded by people. People who love us! People who are good to us. People who have great intentions for us. Well here’s what was happening with me.

I enjoyed smoking weed, going out to clubs, sitting in other weed smoker homes getting high, sitting in the park, getting high. All of my co workers that wanted to spend time with me, all of my GOOD friends, family, who would reach out to me weren’t smokers, hello! I didn’t have much in common with them! I had a problem and wanted to be around others who had the same problems, basically. So slowly, I stopped getting invited out and when I was over the “party” stage in life (which didn’t last too long) those people were gone as well. Super lonely! No one around because I was never around! I learned that if you decline often or don’t reach out to people, they won’t be looking for you eventually.

I am no longer in my party introvert faze, but I still sometimes hold the same introverted habit. I get into moods to where I’m invited out and I feel it’s too far to go, don’t feel like being around a lot of people, not feeling the venue, don’t wanna just sit in other peoples houses when I can sit in my own, don’t want company because then I have to host and I’m tired and I just don’t feel like it leave me alone! ?! Then I turn around and no one is available when I do want to hang out. Life cannot be one sided! You must give to be able to have. If you want time with people you have to give some time!

Here’s the worst example! We are all going to die! What if it is your friends, sister, brother, mother, father, pops, grams, nana, titi, uncle, auntie, whoever, what if it’s their last moment on earth? You won’t have them tomorrow and just declined being with them today! Can you live in peace and harmony with the excuse you made to not hang out? Because they talk too much, always trying to give me advice, they’re lame, we never have fun, it’s the same ol conversation over and over, whatever your not wanting to chill reason is, you now will not have an option to accept or decline some time with them again!

BE Available! If you truly have nothing to do and can make an event with someone who has taken the time to invite you, go. If your family just wants a little bit of your time, even if it’s just to sit and stare at each other, go! Birthday parties, go! Weddings, house parties, dinners, movies, clubs, the park, whatever it is BE Available sometimes and go and enjoy these loving people you have in your life! BE Available sometimes for these events, you never know your next invite could be their funeral!

BElieve, BE Free, BE Youtiful… BE!


Keone Dent


2 thoughts on “BE Available

  1. Your timing is perfect with this post! I needed this lately! I need to push myself to extend myself to others even when I feel lazy! Thank you! 🙂

    P.S.-Jealous of your Starbucks tour! Love!!

    1. Don’t be Jealous! Lets take a trip! I would gladly plan it. BUT first come see me in NYC!!!
      I’m glad this post spoke to you. YOU are a fun, loving person and everyone must experience you! Stop being lazy and connect! MAKE yourself available. Love You!
      P.S You are the first comment I have replied to! Let me know if you are notified so I can see how this works!

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