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If you’re one of the “good guys/girl” it’s so easy to get caught up in the giving state and forgetting to take. Always picking up the tab, inviting people out for a good time, the one always making the phone call to reach out. Then before you know it, complaining how no one is there for you, feeling lonely, and used! Then what usually happens is we pre judge the rest of the world and don’t open our hearts to welcome anyone back in.

I believe in most cases (speaking more for myself, 🤔) what happens is we all want and need connection, therefore we go all out of our way to please others and treat them and keep the connection by checking up on people. Most of these people are so much fun to be around, hold great conversations, know how to really let go and have fun. Yet, the only time you get with them is when you have invited them out or initiated the text or phone call. They got used to it. Before you know it, you have become deeply connected to them, basically addicted to them but realize they never return the same attention, or initiate connecting with you.

On the flip side, there are those people who always reach out to you, call you on the phone, text to check up on you, invites you everywhere, wants to love on you every moment they get and we call them thirsty, we ignore their calls, text only when we feel like it or blow them off completely. Orrrrr we take advantage of them. They are always going to be there. Hello, they love you and have so much fun with you, right?

Same thing happens in relationships. One makes more money, so it’s only fair they pay for everything right? Another is super great at planning outings, so no need for the counterpart to ever plan a date. She/he always cleans the house, cooks, does this, so no need for the other to do that. They are great with their mouth and love to please my body so I don’t need to get on my knees ever 🙊 wait a minute! I’m only speaking the truth!

These are all one sided relationships and they are not healthy! You trained a bad habit and allowed for your kind, loving, welcoming heart to be turned into a doormat. Again, causing you to wake up and then never wanting to do anything for anyone else.

Well, people deserve to be blessed by your kindness and in this big world there are many people who will return the kindness. We have to find them. We have to recognize who they are and be surrounded by them.

In a world where many are taking more than giving its important to balance it out. It’s become habit forming for many of us to subconsciously take advantage of good deeds. Lets break those habits! Lets start appreciating others for what they do for us and the love they show us and give back. Text, call and invite them out. Pick up the tab, buy them gifts, love on them and give give give. Just make sure to BE Appreciated and get get get. Don’t let anyone take advantage of your big giving heart and don’t be the asshole that takes advantage of theirs.


BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!


Keone Dent


Side note: there are no personal story or example of me in this blog because I have been all of the above examples. I’m learning the importance of giving and taking and not taking advantage or being taken advantage of. 😁


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