Imagine climbing on top, sliding down, straddling, riding and twisting on a BIG pile of regret! No satisfaction there!

Now that I have your attention, hello there! This keynote means a great deal to me because not only have I had many regrets and witnessed others who are still living with the regrets, but because I have learned it’s never too late to reverse the regretful feelings.

As many of you know I have had my share of being in the entertainment field in numerous ways. I’ve recorded music professionally, acted on many stages, dabbled in modeling, been the lead in an independent movie, won awards, performed and entertained and then sat around waiting for shit to come to me as I thought I was already there. Hahahahahagag! Hello regret!

I remember when I first performed in my first Broadway show thinking, oh I’ve made it now. They loved me! After the first show, came a tour, after the tour, came ballet troupes, acting troupes, independent movies, lead roles, all things I just fell into and really do feel blessed about it. But as I got older and then started venturing out (moving around) I wasn’t that known guy anymore. Some bridges burned because of my attitude and not being consistent as I thought who I was, was enough! I mean everything I ever became involved with I gave my all during the performances but when it came to looking up auditions and going to them I was lazy! If something went wrong or I felt unappreciated, I spoke my mind and moved on to something else but yet didn’t move on to something else just basically left and then sat and waited for something else to “come along”.

Same thing in past relationships, not being completely happy, but just settling or sitting around waiting for change to take place. “Maybe it will get better” I would often say. Only to find the more I sat around waiting, the more hurt, depressed and angry I became. Regretting that I didn’t just stay single and date and enjoy life and allow the real true thing to be found and to find me. Blah blah and you get it!!

I won’t continue telling you my woes. Yet I do want to encourage everyone of you that while you can, go for whatever it is that you want in life and BE Satisfied.

Even all the way down to pleasures in life. Don’t regret not going after that man or woman you thought you would never have a chance with. Who cares if they turn you down. Jump out of that plane! Go on that trip! If your single, have casual sex, date around, do whatever you want in life! Even if you want to just sit, then dammit sit! However, sit only to rest! Don’t sit around waiting for life to happen because it is almost guaranteed that the only thing that will come to you is regret and wishing you did more! BE Satisfied in life and get off your ass and make life happen!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


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