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So, we all know that person who lies all the time about where they’ve been, what they’ve done, basically who they are! We also know the one who is always gossiping about the next person and making it juicier by adding their own shit to the story.

We often run into the person who never has a good day, crap always happens to them. The person who just can’t understand this and that and the world is out to get them. The person who can’t keep up with their own truths because they are used to the lies they tell.

We all know and come across these people. Or wait, could you be one of these people? I know from time to time in life I have been. Hello, it’s why I can relate and came up with the keynote.

No one hears this person truly. I mean they hear the noise they are talking and it is noted. Then usually when the next group of words come out of this person’s mouth it’s even more loud noise and becomes so loud they are usually tuned out. I mean especially if you’re talking about someone they don’t know and you hardly know the person you are speaking to. Shouldn’t they be concerned that you could very well talk shit about them, the same you are about someone else that doesn’t have anything to do with them or you at that matter. Also, when you talk things that aren’t true about yourself, about how much money you have, the jobs you have had, the degrees you hold, the car you drive, the house you own, the friends you have, blazay blah blah, no one cares and if it’s not true it’s all over your face or in the words you have chosen to use to describe all these things you don’t have.

I mean really, it’s so old guys, to talk negative about others and yourself, to brag about shit you don’t have, or do have at that but aren’t doing anything with it to make a difference.

Where the world is today, we need more positivity, we need to up lift others, make them better, use our words to save someone who is hurting. Speak truth about where you have been to inspire someone else who needs to get to where you are now. Is there something you know about someone that bothers you inside and you just can’t keep quiet about it? Then why don’t you take it to that person and speak truth into them! I mean gossiping about them will eventually get back to them, right? Usually does.

I’ve said much and could say a lot more but it would just be noise! The same noise “these people” make.

BE Heard and use your words for things that matter and will make a change in people, in society, in the world. WE have already made enough noise, and look at where it’s brought us. To a noisy ass world!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!


Keone Dent


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