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Beautiful house! The landscaping compliments very well!  Gorgeous flowers, roses, daisies, azaleas. Colorful greenery, ferns, elephant ears, all of that! Surrounding these lovely plants are dark rich soils, pebbles or rocks, cedar. When this home was built, it was created with a strong foundation. Perfect number of windows for light to shine through and allow air to flow freely. The interior was something you created. You decorated to fit your likings and to allow visitors to appreciate who you are trough these special findings. This is your home! This is where you live and you should take pride in every square foot!


Rain pours, lightning strikes, wind blows, snow falls, earth quakes, Mother Nature takes over and now your plants are broken apart, some up rooted from the floods and the battered wind. Your house has a bit of damage! Now your landscaping is important because you don’t want to own a lovely house and have a yard that doesn’t match. However, you only have this one home and must make sure it is up to living standards. So, it is important to handle the repairs on your home before anything else. Once your home is good again visit the landscaping. Save the plants that could get through the storm. Rebuild with fresh soil, water these plants, give them space that is needed to grow within your beautiful garden. If there are any plants that did not hold up well and when trying to get them back to what they once were are still limp and not able to hold up, you wouldn’t just let them lay there taking away from your home and sucking the nutrients from the other plants growing beautifully. Let those plants go! And if there are any seeds or anything of the plant left behind I’m sure there is a chance they will grow on their own as you take care of your garden and home.


Now as years pass on, your home will get upgrades. Interior and the exteriors will change.  You may even do some extensions making your home much bigger than before. With these upgrades and extensions your garden may get smaller because the plants no longer go with the new design or there simply isn’t a need for so many plants. Maybe the plants required a certain amount of sunlight that is blocked a bit by the “outshine” of your new huge home or you can’t attend as much as you did to the garden because you are concentrating on your home more, which again is important because

It’s your home!!! You must learn to cherish the important things in life! Do you sleep in the garden or in your home? When you have visitors over do they sit, eat, and relax in the flower bed?


I went further than I wanted to in this analogy! Geesh I need to learn to keep things short and simple but anyway!


Your home is you! You were built and created. Your foundation strong. You took some time to recreate and develop who you were on the inside and even outside. You must take care of YOU through the storms of life. You will go through many changes including upgrades. Sometimes there will be downgrades even.


The plants represent others around you. Many will die off and not be able to get through the storms with you. They may not support or blend in with your upgrades or downgrades.


At no point, should you give up your home just to please the garden! The garden is simply an accent and for sure nice to have around but it is not needed to live and survive especially if it is not serving your “home” or the purpose you

Once thought it did. You know when plants start growing up the side of your building or attracting nasty bugs and pests or wilt and dry up we remove them, otherwise they will cause the pests to come into our homes. They will attract other pests. They will tear our foundations down clinging to and causing decay to our foundation.


BE Cherished! Know when you are Cherished! Are the people you are keeping around complimenting you! Do they uplift you? Do they add purpose and value to who you are? Then keep them and water them with love and shine bright upon them so they can grow and continue to serve purpose. If they are dragging you down no matter how beautiful it once was to have them around learn to let them go with the season. People are sometimes just for a season! Same as plants. You may need to replace them from time to time or simply learn it’s just not the kind of plant you ever need again.


Allow seasons to change! Through the seasons, BE Cherished! You are more important when it comes to your life. Listen, those other people serve as plants in your life! Vise Versa, in their life you are the Plant. If they take care of their home, they will be just fine. Don’t worry about having to let them go. They too will find plants to go in their garden, season and season again. Take care of home!


BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!


Keone Dent


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