Everything in life has a time! Schedule. Reason. Purpose. The very moment you left the house you were set up for the day in a timeline. Couldn’t find your keys and it made you leave at a later time than planned? That’s because it was in your timeline. You ended up being slowed down just a bit so that time would keep you on your path/journey. You meet the new people you were supposed to meet, run into the old people you were supposed to run into. Maybe dodged danger, or was placed there to save someone from danger! Time is in everything.


Especially in our words! The conversations we have, the compliments we receive and give away, when we confront one another for some drama or whatever it may be there is a time for everything said! Our words should count for something! To uplift someone, to educate, to assist, to save, to love, to explain, to teach, and even to sit someone down and make it known that a specific thing they did good or bad affected you!


However, when using our words we should really take our time and use our words wisely so that they count and keep within our time line.


Don’t be so quick to tell someone you are in love with them or just say the words because it was sad to you and you feel obligated. Or thinking that if you say I love you it will keep them a bit longer with you. You change their timeline and your own and for what? Make sure your words are true and meaningful. Truth is if this isn’t the person you truly love you may be telling the universe/ God that you are there already and stop the timeline of the right person coming along. Plus now you have stopped the other person in your life from obtaining true love because you toyed with the words and gave them hope that they finally found love and guess what, you haven’t only┬ámessed with their timeline, you have now f’d up your own Karma! Hello somebody! Do it to someone and it gets done to you and maybe in the worst way!


We must stop also giving false hope in time. If someone invites you out and you know you don’t want to go or you can’t, just say so from the get go! Nothing like having someone set plans and include you and then breaking the invitation (as you knew damn well you weren’t going to be down to chill). You have now changed the timeline of the person who set the plans to begin with! Vice versa, be simple and clear when inviting one out. Of course, emergencies come up, but if you are a person who doesn’t often commit or have a busy life that often is interrupted with surprises, try and make sure that you will be able to commit to a plan you are including someone else in so that you don’t place them in an inconvenience of changing their timeline. Also!!!!! Stop showing up late! That’s another keynote so I digress!


Most importantly, do not be so quick to speak out of anger. When we call people bitches, telling them they ain’t worth shit, putting them down in anyway, yelling I hate you, placing blame, just being plain hurtful because we have been angered we are speaking to their souls! People hear these things and it resonates and weighs heavy on them and many times we didn’t mean what we said or even how we said it and now it’s been said and lots of times cannot be taken back and you’ve just ruined a friendship prematurely or lost your true love, (enter other examples here) I mean endless list of things that could be changed for the bad based on your words.


You know this just popped in my head, what if you say the wrong thing in anger to the wrong person and they go all serial killer on you and take your life? Ooop no more timeline.


BE Careful not to slow down, speed up, or even stop time with your words! Take some time to think before you speak. Make sure your words are real and have true meaning. I mean if you are ready to call someone a bitch, make sure they really are one. Lol. No seriously just listen to your inner voice before allowing words to come through out loud. Imagine these words good or bad, lies or truth, being said to you and how it would affect you. If you don’t know how to find the words or think they will come out wrong, then take your time to find the words or explain where they are coming from in a disclaimer filled with love. Wait until you know you truly love someone before saying it! Let your anger subside before you have the conversation. Or simply just know when you shouldn’t say anything thing at all!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent



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