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When certain things are just handed to you for nothing, it is def a great feeling! Like money for example!! Yet, when money is just handed to you, we tend to be carless with it. I mean we didn’t have to do anything for it. It’s just extra that we didn’t have it before. If you work hard for your money, chances are you will spend it more responsibly or save it all together

95% of the world wants relationship. If you have been anything like me then you rush at the moment you feel connection and are having fun with any kind of attraction. I declare and swear I am not and will not be like this anymore!!! Many times in my own experience when something is too easy to get or has no substance to learn from and is based on just fun, looks, or a few things in common, when the obstacles come later in the relationship, it is easy to throw it away at any expense. Not healthy at all.

If you handed a first place trophy (no cash prize or anything of real value) chances are you wouldn’t display it and have a story about how you worked for the trophy. I mean no one likes to win by default. Well, I don’t! I like to know I actually worked hard, trained hard, pushed hard and truly beat out my competition.

Let me take this home. When I wrote this keynote I used the word struggle. Honestly, years later I realize the quote should read, “I don’t mind a good CHALLENGE in life….It’s how I got where I am today”! Being poor and not being able to always do everything I needed in life or wanted, caused me to shape up and be a bit more careful with money (even if the lesson was just recently learned). Being in bad unhealthy relationships allowed me allowed me to learn about myself and what to allow in the next relationship and to change my habits in Being Challenged and actually pull me in with substance and not just me rushing into the first great feeling that comes along. When going to auditions, I’ve gained wisdom in knowing I must prepare and study and practice hard to make sure I am showing the directors, judges, scouts, that I am the best person for the role/project instead of just relying on personality or looks alone.

There is nothing like Being Challenged and knowing that the end results were because you worked hard for them. Even if you don’t come out on top at first! You get to learn from the challenge, grow from whatever mistakes were made, choose to approach the challenge differently, and get that shit! You as well as I know that we would not be the strong, loving, understanding, caring, responsible people we are today! If you are not these things, then you haven’t yet accepted the challenge! Instead you allowed the challenge to come along and defeat you! STEP UP! BE Challenged and get through the challenge to the next challenge, to the next, to the next! Don’t all life to TRUMP you! (all pun intended). Accept the challenge and get to your many triumphs!


BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent