Cookie Jar. High on the top shelf. A Baby. Well Toddler. About 3 or 4 years old. Realizes the cookie jar is too high to reach, after attempting to magically stretch their arms further than they truly go while balancing on itty bitty toes.  Next they grab a chair and start climbing on counters, shelves until they reach what they want. Sometimes they fall, many times they find another way, if one way proves too hard. They could have just asked, yet they might have been told no. This is what they are afraid of, rejection.

Something is stuck in a tree or on a roof, we grab ladders or long sticks to get to the item. That short sentence is better than another story I was about to create but you get it right?

Then why are WE not getting the concept in real life? Rejection? One of the first feelings we feel in life and sometimes one of the hardest things to deal with.

I play like I’m okay with rejection. Usually shrug it off with a sarcastic remark or saying eh it wasn’t what I REALLY wanted or needed anyway. Then. I usually gave up and found something to replace what I really wanted or needed. Whether a job, a role in a show, whatever.

Truth is you are going to have to learn to deal with rejection because whether you think you will avoid it or not at some point in life and more times than once you will be rejected. This is important to accept as we move into the actual keynote.

There is a possibility that you do everything on your own. Like the baby. They found a chair, placed it next to a counter that got them to a shelf and climbed it. They used their resources. Let’s shift things into adulthood. Okay so a child is stuck in a tree. You cannot reach the child from the ground. You grab a ladder. The ladder gets you closer but still a bit short of reaching the child. Okay so you grab a stick. You hit the child out of the tree with the stick and pray they don’t get hurt when they hit the ground. Great, you used a few resources but come on. Was it safe? Done correctly? Did you really use ALL of your resources? The suffix of the word is FUL which is basically short for Full.  Yes, you got the child out of the tree but now you’ve possibly caused a few hospital bills, trauma to the child’s life, or maybe even end up in jail for abuse (pursed lips). Why weren’t you resourceFUL? Couldn’t you have called the fire department and boom the child is safe and the task is complete the correct way?

The things we want in life will at times be hard to reach. Sometimes quite easy. In any situation, BE Resourceful in getting what you want or need in life. Go to school to obtain certificates/degrees. Take a dance/acting class. Participate in workshops. Get the education, the training, the motivation you need to gain what you want in life. Most importantly DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP. In order to open up a business you need funding. In order for your online company to grow you need customers. In order to be a social media celebrity, you need followers. Ask creditors, banks, friends, family for financial help. Make business cards and special offers to gain customers. Ask people to follow you or maybe post half nude photos to attract them (my man is going to kill me after thinking this is what I do) lol. Just do things the right way. The honest way.The complete way.

The simple point is in order to reach somethings in life we have to BE Resourceful and realize it can’t always be done independently.

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent


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