I was a little nervous when I first started my Keynotes in blog form. I knew the way I wanted to share them would exploit me and my past. Mostly, I was worried about those who were closest to me and how they would judge me because I still struggle with following the lessons, practicing what I preach, if you will. That’s just it though. I don’t preach! I do not want any one of my readers to read these as a sermon of telling you what is right or wrong. I am not here to tell you how to live your life. I do not think that ALL of these keynotes will touch or apply to everyone. As a matter of fact, I encourage anyone to interpret my keynotes and take from it what they need. Even a challenge or debate is welcomed (NOT AN ARGUMENT however).

My keynotes started YEARS ago and were intended to inspire myself. Tucked so tightly in between dark pages of my book of poetry. NEVER shared with anyone! I mean who am I? A man, well then a boy, who came up with quotes, from lessons I’ve learned in my own life. WHO CARES! Lol.

When I became a flight attendant in 2013, many of my co-workers had a special “thing” they did on layovers. A stuff animal they always carried with them, made appearances in photos on their hotel beds. An action figure by all the hotel pools. Pictures of food they tried in different states. “Things” like that. Well I wanted to be different. SURPRISE! I always do my best to be different, as if I’m not different enough. Lol. I decided, why not leave some of your keynotes on the hotel stationary! So I did. Then I would take a selfie that sort of went with the keynote and posted them on social media. Problem came when I only had 30 keynotes. Now what? Well, life started happening and quotes started coming to me and keynotes were eventually backed up and waiting to be written and shared.

There’s the back story of keynotes but I want to concentrate on this keynote without going off subject or making this post longer than it has to be.

I NEED everyone to know that I am not a person who thinks his life is something to be praised. I do not live a life that is perfect and without mistakes. I am not always “Being” all of these blog posts. NOT at ALL and I doubt I will ever get it 100% right. I GAURANTEE YOU WON’T EITHER. AND IT’S OKAY if you don’t.

These keynotes come from a place deep down inside and from my 35 years of living. During situations in life, words pop into my head, thoughts if you would. I write them down. I interpret them. I apply them to my life, I share them. I sometimes fall short of the words. Another situation happens and I reference an old keynote and apply it again. That’s how life works folks. I LISTEN to my inner self. In my case I believe in God and I believe this is who speaks to me. I don’t just stop there. I LISTEN to others and their stories and lessons. I read testimonies, inspirations, my mother, my family, my friends, strangers, WHOEVER. Everyone and everything in life is full of lessons to be taught. Guidance!

As the writer of these keynotes, I am the first one to learn the lesson. I only share them in hopes that YOU can take a few lessons from it or pass it on to someone else that might be able to learn from them. I mean I must, being that the lesson is not only mine. The lesson comes from something/someone greater than I. If I didn’t share, it would defeat my purpose in life and the lessons wouldn’t be known to learn.

I encourage you to BE Listening to your inner self. BE Listening to your elders, friends, family, doctors, strangers, etc. It’s how we get through life. Learning. Applying. Living, TEACHING (as you teach you learn). That’s the point I make in this keynote. As I share my words, my story, I am not only hoping it reaches and helps you in life. I am actually revisiting my own life lesson and praying I continue to grow and move forward with it. So in the future as you are reading my keynotes, whether you know me personally or not, please don’t think that I have in my mind that I have it all together. I am not forcing my beliefs or feelings on you. I am simply, in a way talking out loud reminding myself and trying to live a good, clean, purposeful life along with sharing with you. Please take wheat you will from it. Share what you will of it. I am really appreciative that many of you BE Listening to me (some bad grammar for you to remind you I am also not an English major)!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent


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  1. You no I will always love you! I was there for you then and I’m hear for you now! I wish you the best in everything that you do, and set out to accomplish in life! Much love!

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