Sounds like a PAST keynote eh? Well I’m not basic so you know better. This one has a different meaning. I took so long to post it because it was strange how the day before I was going to post this, the tragedy in Orlando took place.  I was instantly placed in a place of wondering if this would be insensitive. After thinking about it, it’s well needed. Hundreds of people decided to live their lives the way they care to live it. They all had a choice to live life and have a good time. 49 of those people were NOT given the choice to die or live, simply, they were murdered, I think we agree they weren’t given a choice. If you ask me, THEY LIVED! Without fear. That won’t be the case for many people today. Today, because of the acts that took place about a week ago, many of us will live in fear. Scared to stand up for our religions, afraid to love who we want, frightened to be friends with different beliefs, silenced from standing up for our communities, to stand out and make changes. Embarrassed, feeling not accepted, abandoned, starting all over from square one. Many of us now HATE a complete race, a religion, other humans we were meant to love. We as a people have been set back and continue to be set back ALL BECAUSE OF FEAR! Pardon my language but it is needed. FUCK THAT SHIT!!!!

In life WE have a choice to LIVE! When it comes time to die, and we ALL have a number waiting to be called, we will not have the choice. Do not allow any of the living to stop you from LIVING yourself.  Again, this keynote has nothing to do with a previous one that states “The hardest thing in life to do, is live it!”. This explained that we don’t live life to our fullest of enjoying it because we are busy trying to survive. However, in this keynote I am urging you to LIVE. REALLY LIVE IN PURPOSE and WITHOUT FEAR!

Stand up for what you believe in. Love how you wish. Speak on subjects you feel strong about. Support the organizations that represent you. Go to the places you care to see. Share the stories you were made to share. Go through the struggle. Fight the fight. Win the race. LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!! By living your life, you inspire, you motivate, you make changes. Changes that maybe you will not be alive to see, that’s the point. By living you made a mark in the future for your loved ones, family, empire, your legacy. By choosing life today without fear, you have set the mark to live LONG before YOUR GONE. This is a choice only YOU can make. Sure your breathing, but, are YOU LIVING? No not paying bills, eating good foods, great sex, a party here and there. I’m asking you! ARE YOU LIVING! YOU DON”T HEAR ME! ARE YOU LIVING?

You know as I type this I realize there are no words really to take this to another level to really get you to understand this keynote. If I can be honest I am actually becoming very emotional and exhausted. This keynote really speaks for itself! Before I close this keynote post out I do want to share a story of one of the survivors of the Orlando massacre, that also has relevance to this keynotes meaning. Summed up, Demetrice Naulings says he was with his best friend Eddie Justice during the shooting where they both ran into the bathroom. Eddie, Scared holding on to Demetrice’s hand says stay with me “don’t let my hand go”. This is during the time Demetrice is explaining he feels unsafe in the bathroom and WE should get out. As the shots get closer, Demetrice decides to run out of the bathroom and not look back. As heartless as it appears, HE made a choice to LIVE. Run and try his best to survive instead of staying trapped in the corner of a bathroom. When it came to life they both had a choice to LIVE by trying to escape. Demetrice survived. Eddie, RIP, did not. I am not saying that it was either of their destiny, that’s not my place, I am saying though YOU have to choose life and know when to save yourself.

Readers please forgive me. This blog post is all over the place. I originally had structure and then became so passionate about this subject and lost the main focus. I don’t know how to feel in this moment. So many babies. SO MANY YOUNG BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE living their lives were not given a choice in a single moment. I can’t. I will not! I can’t live THIS life anymore in fear. I will not allow these names to go in vain! They were people just like you and I…… filled with life, sin, if you will, pain, struggle, laughter, love, hurt, emotion. They wanted to dance, love, laugh, LIVE! They had the choice all the way up to 2am and later on JUNE 12th 2016. That choice was taken from them. OR WAS IT! I say no. It was their death that was chosen for them. PEOPLE, LIVE WHILE YOU CAN!

BE Alive and live a life worth living. A life that allows others to live in fullness as they watched you live a full life. Do NOT be afraid. Let nothing set or hold you back. SUPPORT, LOVE, SHARE, UPLIFT, INSPIRE, SPEAK OUT, SPEAK UP, STAND TALL, HOLD FAST and FIRM. LIVE! NOW, while you have the choice. You never know when your life will end, or in many cases these day, be taken from you. Worry not about the last statement because death isn’t a choice….BUT LIFE SURE IS!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent


4 thoughts on “BE Alive

  1. This Keynote hits my heart heavy. Everyday we meet different types of people and although we all live very different lives, we may never know how much even a single minute encountered can have a lifelong effect on a person. Whether it be age, race, religion, sexual preference, or even physical and mental handicaps… we ALL have a purpose. I refuse to limit my life to a certain group of ppl or beliefs to love, care for, and indulge in even if it means I lose a few people along the way. Even when I am standing alone. I am a person who believes in faith not religion as it further separates us as a people. When my time comes, I want to know that I will be remembered because my heart was genuine to everyone I encountered and I always had a smile or laugh awaiting to share. I will always chase my dreams of being successful as an individual but if my time comes before I reach those goals just know that my spirit will be happy in knowing I did what I felt was right for me! This Keynote is extraordinary in itself. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to everyone

  2. Key this is so beautifully heartfelt and honest. It couldn’t have been easy, but you did awesome! LIVE! Such a message.

  3. There is only ONE who we should fear and that is God all by Himself.
    I want to share a story as well if I can…..I saw a video today on FB, this young man was one of the people who were in that Orlando club. When the shooter started his awful murders, (not sure where the mom came from) but the young man’s mom ran to help her son escape, She was murdered, her son survived. God rest her soul.
    Yes we all have choices weather good or bad, but they are our choices and even though people may not understand…….LIVE, do what you feel is right, Your choice.

  4. Beautiful and so true! A lot of people exist but don’t live. I recently left an abusive relationship so myself and my son could have a better future. So that my son André would have the chance to thrive and succeed. I chose to LIVE. I will no longer settle for what is in front of me but instead create the future that is my destiny. Even if I means I walk alone, at least I will never look back with regret. I believe everyone who’s supposed to be on the journey with me will find there way… In the midst I must go forward.

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