YOU are going to die! Everyone will one day die! There is no way to escape this fact.

You have heard the saying, “Everyone dies but not everyone lives”. Truth is everyone should live! EVERYONE! Every single person on this earth right now breathing matters, has a purpose, and deserves to live!

Many times we are selfish! Not the BE Selfish I posted before but SEEEEEELLLFISH! As long as we are living and accomplishing the things we have set out to do, we are satisfied or rather content. But really it’s not about YOU, and in reality YOU are NOT LIVING. Not to your fullest anyway.

Think of how many times you’ve said to yourself, “no one is ever there for me”, “I don’t need anyone”, and everything else WE say in times of feeling alone in our process of “living”. How many others are saying the same thing? How many other people in this same race of “living” are becoming selfish and creating the lie in their lives that only what they set out to do or accomplish matters? If this continues then the entire world will soon be only breathing, not LIVING, and eventually will die.

Now think of your accomplishments, think of how many things you have done in life already “on your own” (can’t wait to wake you up about independence and how YOU’RE not really independent, that’s another Keynote I digress). Degrees you have obtained. Workshops you’ve attended. The trips you’ve taken to see the world. All of your accomplishments in life that gave you a lesson, allowed you to grow, and gave you LIFE. Then you Die. Where do your accomplishments go? Where does all the knowledge you’ve gained go? The Trips you went on that inspired you. Are they still inspiring YOU six feet under ground or in an urn? I’ve never been physically dead so I don’t have the facts about what you can and can’t use once you’re dead but I think we can agree that from what we know it all stops for us. It shouldn’t have to stop for those who are still breathing. They still matter, still have a purpose, and since you, the perfect person who has ALL OF THEIR SHIT TOGETHER, is dead and took everything with you. LOL! EXACTLY You CAN’T take it with you. It’s meant to be passed on!

No one helped you though! You Poor baby! What a victim you are! So you decided not to be a victim and motivate yourself to being all you can be and do anything possible to make your dreams and goals reality. You found the courage, you found the strength, the ability to move forward out of your funk and into LIFE. WHO CARES! Who F#@$ing CARES! Good for you. You did it. NOW what? I’ll tell you what BE Uplifting and remind others they matter. Remind them they too can do it. Help them find their way. Be there for others as “no one” was there for you and you know all too well how it feels to not have anyone uplifting you. BE Uplifting to others so that they will eventually do the same and we can start a trend that matters. Not a trend of skinny jeans, high ponytails, baggy joggers, and fades with designs. Yet, trends that matter. That changes the way WE are living and encourages others to LIVE!

If you are still the victim who feels you are not worthy or simply don’t matter, think about where that came from. Does it come from your jealous peers who can see that you do mean something but they feel just like you do so they want to have you join them in their misery of not living? Is it because you tried something new and failed? Is it because you compared your worth to someone else’s and figured they had a greater purpose than you do? Maybe you set out to do something someone else was doing and thought, since they are already doing it I don’t have to or it doesn’t matter if I do. LIES, LIES, LIES, F@#$ing LIES! YOU matter. If no one is there uplifting you and encouraging you to LIVE then do it for yourself…. BUT don’t forget once you get it, pass it on. Uplift someone else. CREATE THE TREND.

It is so very important to BE Uplifting! Uplifting self and others. We are a team! Within this team we all play different roles that gets results. Changes outcomes, Heals, Spreads LOVE, Gives LIFE! Find your role, play it. Help others to find their roles, encourage them to play it! This will eventually allow the entire world to win! It may not bring peace to the entire human race. It may not “change” all that is happening in the world. You may not see many results during your time on earth (lets be real even I can die within the next stroke of these computer keys) but what you do and what you leave behind will be tools that others can use while still in this game of life and that’s what it about…. Did you just hear that? Did you take that part in…. Let me sum it up. BE Uplifting and encourage everyone around you, do this, and even after your physically dead, YOUR STILL LIVING!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE

Keone Dent


4 thoughts on “BE Uplifting

  1. “And if I if I be lifted up from the earth I’ll draw all men unto me!!!”…. Yelp keep lifting. It makes you stronger! Good job

  2. In this day and age not to many people understand this logic. But, oh how much better it would be if they did.

  3. OK I can’t with the way you started this blog! But… I always appreciate how you combine candor, transparency and comedy. you give so much of yourself! I love it and I love you!

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