Everyone Likes presents. If you have been around a few jokers you would understand it’s sometimes opening the gift that’s the scary part.

Take a moment to think back to the first time you could remember opening a gift. Such an exciting feeling. Not knowing what is under that decorated paper but wishing it to be what you wanted. Depending on how far back you went to get to the first memory of a gift, you probably didn’t even understand why you were ripping paper off of boxes. All you knew was it was exciting.

Every day is brand new. A new day all wrapped up carefully in 24 hours, all just for you! Why not opening it with excitement? Can you imagine? BE Surprised and receive life’s gift!

Oh, No No I understand! Not all gifts are what we expected. Many times they hardly could be considered gifts. Such is life. SO just as gifts sometimes are exactly what we wished for and sometimes they are gifts we don’t need or can’t handle. If you never opened the gift would you know if it’s what you needed or not?

Life should be opened the same! On your special day you may open underwear, fruitcakes, office supplies, appliances, a lot of sizes too small, a couple of wrong colors, and a whole lot of nothing. Then you get to the one gift, it’s a car, the color you want, equipped with everything. One day in life offers these gifts. Some days will not gift you exactly what you want. You will always get what you need. I mean I do need underwear. In life WE DO NEED LESSONS. So BE Surprised and open life not knowing what it will offer.

What about those gifts that are cute and thoughtful but come with a lot of responsibility? You know? A plant, a puppy. Things you have to look after in order to keep the gift. Life offers us these gifts. We must discover these gifts. USE these gifts and cherish these gifts! How will you know your gift if you are afraid to open it? BE Surprised and OPEN your gift!

There are times that practical jokers like to gift tricks for laughs. We open their gifts and many times keep this toxic gift with unwanted responsibilities. These are Bad relationships. Broken friendships. They can really cripple you into not wanting to open another gift. Truth though, the gift doesn’t make you and best of all you don’t have to keep the gift. Exchange, return, or simply throw it away. It is also up to YOU to determine who you except gifts from. When life gives you gifts you don’t want, do NOT settle for them. Throw them back, make them better, and continue to BE Surprised for what life has next.

There is so much that life has to offer. Good and bad. We have to understand that gifts we open may not be of use to use now and may have a better meaning later. Open your gifts. Open your life again. Keep all the gifts you want, take care of those gifts. Clear out the gifts you don’t want making room for new ones. Don’t be afraid to OPEN LIFE! Maybe you haven’t been opening gifts lately for whatever reason. Are you happy? Are you questioning “what’s out there for me? What about me?” If you are then why not open some gifts and take the chance to be happy. All you have to lose is that moment. Then you have another chance to open another gift and so on. Try this, you might BE Surprised!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent



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