May seem like a simple straight to the point Keynote. It depends on how deep you look into. Honestly you don’t have to search that deep. Just like life. Answers are there but we are too busy trying to dig deeper without understanding what we do know. That’s a different Keynote though.

Yes! The first meaning of the keynote is simple. It’s hard to do many things we want to in a short spam (life is indeed short). Summed up, life is hard.

The deeper true meaning when I wrote this keynote, was, it’s hard to LIVE life! As we are busy working hard to pay bills, raise families. Minds cloudy with how we will reach this goal, save that penny, make this move, make a decision on that. Rearranging our worlds to make room for vacations, throwing special events, celebrating others, to the point that even planning and taking the vacation becomes work. HARD WORK! In the process of “evolving” in life, we forget or don’t know how to live it. At our means. Of course save up for the big vacation but in the meantime enjoy what you have or can have now. The park. A local restaurant, family, friends, loved ones, YOURSELF. Don’t forget you.

Keeping this balance will keep us content with what we have while striving to have more. It won’t make life easier at all but you will at least be LIVING life. Surviving is the hard part. Happiness is a major part of the survival. BE Strong and LIVE life. You probably don’t see how the title BE Strong goes. It does though. It takes a strong mind to be able to enjoy and live life through the hurdles and humps that come our way daily. BE Strong and live life anyway. Really LIVE it. Get out and DO WHAT YOU WANT! BE Strong and DO IT!

BElieve, BE Free,  BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent


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