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Passive aggressive, sugar coaters, and people who beat around the bush, irritate me! YES! I irritate myself sometimes. This keynote blog may be quite long because I am so passionate about it and have so many different scenarios. Bear with me or bookmark it and read it when you have time. JUST KIDDING! READ IT NOW!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone asks me where I would like to go eat or what I would like to do and when I answer it turns into; “well I’m not in the mood for such and such”. OKAY! Then why ask? When YOU ask ME where I would LIKE to go, I assume I can choose anywhere! BE Straight Forward and say what you mean. Where do you suggest we go, or something that says I have an option BUT NOT total CONTROL.

Did YOU know if you were angry at a person and told them you would kill them out of anger, even not really meaning it, you can have charges pressed against you and even serve jail time? ENOUGH SAID!

PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE people drive me CRAZY! I too can be passive aggressive, usually when someone is already on my nerves and I want to get my point across in an immature way, lol. But when you are upset or don’t want to do something, etc, it’s best to NOT say, “I GUESS if YOU want to go we can go”. NO! If you don’t want to go, BE Straight Forward and say so, otherwise, with me? YOUR GOING! You know these people right? They are the ones that hope you hear the tone in their voice that says they don’t want to go, yet, are trying to make it seem like for you they will, when secretly they hope you say “nah, if you don’t really want to go, then we don’t have to. TRY AGAIN!

I have been told recently that I take things too literal. Guess what people, there are all kinds of people in this world and many are LITERAL! Jokingly, etc, I understand I shouldn’t and can’t hang on to every word, but, if we are in a quarrel, debate, an argument, or a deep conversation and you don’t know how to use your words or you don’t think before speaking and come out the side of your mouth with nonsense, guess what? I get to take your words and interpret them into how I take them and now we are not only fighting about the original situation, now also the words you chose to use to come at me will be the next discussion on the agenda. BE Straight Forward, say what you mean! If you don’t know how to use your words to explain yourself, simply take some time before saying it.

I love YOU is different than, I love being AROUND you. I HATE you is very much different than I’m very upset at you right now. Your FAT is not the same as you’ve put on a few pounds. GO KILL YOURSELF is waaaaaaaaaaaay different than BYE Felicia! YOU get it!

Lastly, (but not really the last example because I could go on and on, but since you decided to read this NOW instead of bookmarking it, I will spare you some time), Don’t sugar coat! I mean yes, be kind with your words, but be straight forward with what you mean. Advice, suggestions, etc. If you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings say you have no opinion instead of sugar coating the truth, which is still considered a lie! Unless your lover is asking! You might want to consider having an opinion before you no longer have a lover! No Shade!

BE Straight Forward with the things you say, yet, BE Kind (past keynote). Not saying exactly what you mean could cause more confusion, hurt, anger, an unnecessary break up, end someone’s life or cause them to end yours! (OH MY)!

Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent


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