Beyonce is NOT the most beautiful woman in the world, (not my thoughts, rest beehive). Wendy Williams is not the ugliest. As a matter of fact I know at least 6 people who feel Beyonce is looking older than her age and without makeup and hair is a plain Jane. There are people who would drink Wendy Williams’s bath water, believing she is a beautiful amazon goddess. NOT me but I’m sure there are a few out there. Kelly Ripa, too skinny? Rebel Wilson (fat Amy) too fat? Kim Kardashian, too madeup? India Arie, too natural? Prince(RIP), too feminine? Anyone else you can think of and them being too (blank). BTW these are not my thoughts on the above celebs. I happen to like Prince and Rebel A LOT. We all have our own opinion of what sexy is.

I believe sexy is felt. Deep inside of a person. Then radiates truth and others then recognize it. OKAY not always, I forgot about HER. Fact is sexy is what you make it. I know beautiful people, I mean so close to flawless, who are not sexy. They are plain, think they are plain, causing others to think the same. I know people, in my opinion, ugly, gross, and mean even, who have believed in their sexy for so long and know how to use it. They are the ones with boyfriends/girlfriends that you pass and say, HOW DID SHE PULL HIM/HER? Mmhmm….Don’t be jealous…Find your sexy.

Sexy is not just an appearance. It’s the way you talk, the way you smell, the way you move. Things you do. How you carry yourself. Sexy can be classy! It can be shy and innocent. Sexy can be sassy. It can also be flat out raunchy. Sexy attitudes, again whichever you find is your sexy, goes well on any body size or shape. Sexy works for anyone! ANYONE! You just have to find it.

I personally feel like as I get older I get more and more sexy. It’s definitely something that is coming from the inside. No I don’t think I’m ugly, but I have never put myself into the sexy category. I would say physically I have designated my eyes to be my visual of sexy. I use them often when expressing emotion, talking, or just looking around. Habit forming confidence and flirtatious sexiness. When these eyes disappear then what? Well then I have my silly who cares what you think sexy attitude. Lol… My sexy is a clown. Full of confidence, lil sassy. Dresses how he wants. Walks with head high, eyes low. Now, if I lose that, I still have my butt. LMAO….STOP JK….NO I’M NOT.

I guess I really don’t know how I want to present this BE Sexy to you. I wish I could just let you sit in my mind for a moment.  I’m attempting to explain that EVERYONE has the ability to BE Sexy. I have found myself many times looking at someone and thinking they shole is ugly…..But DAMN they sexy as hell. LMAO. Am I the only one really? This is how I know everyone is able. Not everyone is willing though. That too is okay. Maybe sexy just isn’t your thing.

Find your sexy within yourself. Discover your sexy and BE Sexy in your way! Find things physically about yourself that you just love and apply sexy to it. Maybe you have a soft touch. Make it a sexy touch. Maybe you have GREAT hair. Use it, make it sexy hair. Eyes? Bat them, squint them, wink one….BE Sexy. Long Legs? Nice Ass? Walk in your sexy. Stride, Glide, and slide through your day. Plush, plump lips, find a real nice lipstick, women, men, chapstick, lick you lips, bite your lips. LOL….You get it….Take the sexy you find on the inside, pair it with the physical qualities you hold on the outside and BE Sexy. It’s really simple. You won’t have it all but you got something. Run with that something and BE Sexy!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent


2 thoughts on “BE Sexy

  1. Yasss….I love it. BE Sexy. Ive always been very insecure about my skin tone…so dark soo black… But nowadays its MY sexy (in my Keone voice) now I put bright colors against it…stand out!! Oil my skin..shine bright. Now they call me Sexy Black and not “damn you black!!” #ugivemelife

  2. That’s so true hunny who will not want to look sexy will as for me I always love to be sexy an to get that you have to care your skin keep your body in shape an treat your body with health stuff an use nice sweet smell an good cream all thus things are my hubby love to do take care of my self thank you sweetheart for thus sweet advice

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