It is your life! It is your journey! It is your story! YOU are mistaken if you think it is only your lesson. To be clear it does start as YOUR lesson but life is to be shared, otherwise it serves NO PURPOSE. I mean seriously look at the history of the world. How often it has evolved and changed. How we deal with certain things in our life. Some of it is natural instinct but most of it was taught and learned through the years. What if it was all kept secret, (I mean truth is some of it is), but what if everything in life was kept a secret? I mean even little things that we don’t think about. Do you think the first person to ever cook a chicken knew how to do it properly? I’m pretty sure it took a few times to overcook it until they got it right and then they shared the proper way with others and boom. My keynote is deeper than chicken though! We all serve purpose! You will hear that a lot in my blogs. It’s 100% the reason for life! WE are meant to SHARE what WE LEARN in LIFE! Now, don’t get it twisted. I don’t think it is appropriate to tell the world what your next move is or plans for the future and how you will get there. That’s your business. YES, your past is your business too but the lesson from it is NOT JUST YOURS. Whatever you have been chosen to go through in life, GOOD or BAD, was intended to be shared. No one has all the answers in life and no one ever will. Because we are not born with all the answers we are used as guides and light for everyone to gain the answers they lack. I’m not saying that sharing your story with everyone is going to inspire or protect EVERYONE, but just like my blog, if one person who needed to see/hear it, gets the chance to see/hear it and gains something from it then my purpose (one of them, I like to believe I have many) is served!

It is also important to allow others to share their stories with you. I know Betty next door can talk a lot and sometimes she ain’t got shit to say, and many times her past stories of how she made it over probably have no relevance to you currently but you never know if one day it will! If not you maybe you will come across another person who will need to hear Betty’s story AND because you obtained the info from her story you can now relay it to the next person. You know a messenger, because this world is so big that not everyone will have a chance to cross each other’s path.

BE Open! Share your life’s past lessons with everyone who is willing to learn from them. BE Open, be willing to listen to others life lessons. You never know who you were meant to inspire. You never know what was meant to inspire you. Your life could be saved. You could save a life…. Besides if we kept our lives and the lessons in them to ourselves, what do we have to live for?

Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent



6 thoughts on “BE Open

  1. On point. Loved this one. You never know what the next person is going through and sometimes just being an ear for someone to share their story is not only a blessing for them but often times can turn out to be a blessing in disguise for you. Even months later you might have something trigger something that was said when Betty wouldn’t shutup and see the relation and that’s one of those “well damn” moments. I love them. I loved this.

  2. This is beautiful. I have been told many stories that have helped me as well as others along the way with choices I’ve made. Very well said Keone!

  3. That is why sharing is so caring because we never know who will get touched by our story or situation we may be growing through. It’s all about the word of mouth. Thank you, Keone for being so #OPEN

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