GIRL you need to leave him, he ain’t no good! Dude, you need to just be real with her and express your feelings. You’re wrong. You shouldn’t think that way. You shouldn’t do this. You shouldn’t say that. You’re dramatic. You’re difficult. You’re such a bitch. You are NOT keeping it REAL!

These are some examples of our “honesties” to other people. Truth is, we are most times not being honest from within and only telling people what we think they want to hear sending them into a spiral of mess. Fact is, many times we aren’t being real with one another and sugar coat advice and it turns into LIES.

In my opinion, we cannot BE Honest to others until we dig down deep and are honest with ourselves.

I just took a 4-day workshop called Momentum over this past weekend. It taught me a lot about myself. Things I kind of already knew but wasn’t ready to admit fully especially to myself. It’s hard to recognize yourself as being a difficult person. To say you are making to wrong decisions in your life. To admit that you are dramatic. To step up and say you have been playing victim to situations that you were totally responsible for. I was this guy. Even recently as I have been blogging inspiration. It’s easy to talk about what you have gone through in the past and how you “got over” and then find inspiration from it and share it with the world. Are you being honest about getting over it though? Have you found the answer within yourself to make sure you know how to avoid or handle the situation, should it arise again? Are you the REASON for most of your troubles, not admitting it, but quick to tell someone else that they are the reason for theirs?

In another way we are not honest is making people believe we already have our lives together. Lying basically. When we lie over and over about who we really are, WE ourselves start to believe who we have made ourselves up to be and do not realize we are holding ourselves captive. Prisoner to our flaws. An example would be telling someone you are single because no one is on your level or understands you and you’re just waiting for the right one to come along. Maybe you have told people that you used to be a model and had a lovely career until you decided that you wanted to change careers. It’s possible that you shared with a few friends that you are okay with not having close friends, you don’t need them because they are not trust worthy and you are better off by yourself.

The reality is you have allowed yourself to believe that relationships are difficult and not real when the truth is you may be difficult and are the cause that your past relationships didn’t work to your favor. Reality of your modeling career is, it was all local work and because you were turned down a few times you lost hope in your dreams and became something else now pretending to be over it. It’s YOU that have lost trust in friends and the truth is you don’t trust yourself and maybe you are not selecting your friends well, causing you to be LONELY AS HELL!

It’s easy to tell people what you think they should do and what is best for them. It is important to look inside yourself to find your own truth before sharing your “honesty” with someone else. If you are not honest with who you are and where you have been and where you would like to go, you will end up living in what you call comfort and what I have discovered to be LIES. BE Honest with yourself. 100 Percent. Once you are honest with yourself, you will learn you have nothing to PROVE to anyone else and will be able to BE Honest with others from an honest place. Think about it… Maybe you’re the one that is dramatic/difficult. Maybe it’s you that isn’t being real with her. Maybe you’re a bitch. Maybe you should leave him because he is no good for you. Look inside yourself and before you give your “honest” opinion to anyone, BE Honest to yourself. You don’t want to throw just any advice to someone from a dishonest place. Living by example would be the best advice right? That’s my HONEST opinion!

Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent


5 thoughts on “BE Honest

  1. Man… This was hard for me to get through. That’s that truth that just kicks you in the teeth. But we need to hear it.

  2. Exactly…..BE HONEST with yourself first. Love these KeyNotes, makes you really look deep down within yourself.

  3. Love this one. One thing I pride myself in is being very self aware of what kind of person I am. It took me quite some time to get here but it has helped me grow tremendously.

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