Have you ever poured a bowl of ceral without really looking at the milk or smelling it, it comes out clumpy, and you read the expiration date was 2 weeks ago? Maybe you’ve eaten food that was left out too long causing food Bourne illness, also known as food poisoning. Eaten too much of something you’re sick, wanting to purge? There are sweet foods, bitter foods, nutritious foods, junk food, snacks (just a temporary fix), full course meals, fast foods, and home cooked foods. ALL have expiration dates. If you avoid the expiration date, you could be feeding your body toxins and become very ill!

Same with people! Some are sweet in your life, some a bit bitter. Some nutritious for the soul. Others we just spooned on our plates because it was there. Some people are just for the moment like a snack. Some are here for a long while, like a home cooked meal. We become full of someone we’ve had too much of. Then there are some that ARE plain ROTTEN and SPOILED and filling our lives with TOXINS!

Food poisoning example really stands out from a story of my mothers. Pizza hut, sometime in the 80’s.  My mommy got food poisoning. From that day forward she never ate anything with tomato sauce, melted cheese. Later in life she started liking things with this in it. It wasn’t until she tried it later to know she liked it. So lesson is that just because something makes you sick one time, it may be pleasing to you again. You just have to be willing to try it again.

A personal story without going into detail. I used to hold on to people who were showing an expiration date. They were my favorite ingredient though! I mean there was no way this was going to be duplicated. After tossing It out eventually and trying it again later I knew exactly how I wanted it to be. If it ever tastes the same as something that I knew wasn’t right for me I know now not to eat it. See it’s all about the lesson.

People show their expiration date. Signs show when they are not there for you as they were before, If you pay attention to their warnings/expiration dates you will be able to clearly see when they need to be thrown out. Don’t allow people to fill you with toxins! BE Healthy and throw out the things in life that have expired!

Not a deep explanation but a deep keynote. BE Healthy, throw out things in your life that have expired!

BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent


3 thoughts on “BE Healthy

  1. I absolutely LOVE the way you connected spoiled food with expired relationships… It’s hard to let go sometimes, even when you know it’s not what it once was… But it’s so necessar . This one hit very close to home for me.

  2. Great analogy and so true!!! When we hold on to things and people we should have let go of, they become our stumbling blocks instead of learning the lesson and becoming our stepping stones.

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