If I told you to click out of this website, could you? If I told you to say the words hello, could you? If you were told you would win 1million dollars just by texting the word money to me, could you? I think you could. If you couldn’t it’s because you didn’t want to and chose not to. I am glad you chose not to close out of this website. I have a message and maybe you need to hear it.

During the workshop, Momentum, our coach Melvin Miller held out his microphone to one of the students and said “try and take this microphone from me”. The student grabbed the microphone no problem. Melvin took the mic back and said “No TRY and take this mic from me”. Student laughs, we all laugh, Melvin smirks. You understand that we make a choice to do something or to not do something. Trying to quit a bad habit. HARD. Yet tangible. We just have to do it, but we fight with our minds! Striving to do something and not being successful at it does mean you only tried, but you did! You decide you’re going to jump from one side of a New York building to the next like they do in the movies. You don’t make it to the other side. You didn’t just try to jump to the other side. You did jump with the intensions of getting to the other side. We must make the goal to do. If we aren’t successful the first time, we do again. Do Do again! LOL!

This is important in the world. We shouldn’t “Try” or “Strive” to BE BEtter people. We should just BE BEtter people! Hold the door open for others. Say thank you. Please. Use kind words. Assist, help, love one another. Also BE BEtter to yourself. Don’t allow stress to take over your body, drink too much, smoke cigarettes, work out more, eat BEtter, sleep BEtter. Sometimes it will not be returned, the kindness/love etc, but that is nothing to be concerned about. I’m not saying be a door mat and allow people to disrespect you. But if you can BE BEtter and it’s not going to harm you in any way, just BE BEtter! Your actions will be seen and many will follow whether you BElieve that or not.


BElieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful… BE!

Keone Dent


5 thoughts on “BE BEtter

  1. Pretty sure if you didn’t make that jump from another bldg., you’d be dead but I see what you meant to say. Lol. 🙂

  2. Well said…… We are better for ourselves, we need to learn to Do things in life for our self first than we can be better and feel better to do for others. Just do it….like NIKE 🙂

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