IMAGINE a machine in the shape of a heart. It is powered by LOVE which it generates itself. It works alone, no human hands needed to operate it. However once in a while it does rely on a little maintenance from a life form. Its main purpose is to take that love it’s generated and spread it to everyone else. It is programed to spread the exact same love it generates. NOW, imagine it stops working! The love it once generated is slowly running out. The machine starts to spread whatever is left at the bottom of the batch until it has nothing else to give. Because this machine is still working and hasn’t been shut down it starts spreading whatever it can produce. AND IT’S NOT LOVE, it’s whatever is left in the bottom of that broken down heart. I’m still talking about the machine.

Now, imagine, YOU are that machine. You were programed to love and to spread love. Religiously or worldly speaking. If you believe in the bible God says we are to love one another. If you believe in Buddha, then you know many of his proverbs include “loving yourself”, ‘Loving others”. Hippies say, make LOVE not war. Even atheist know what LOVE is. LOVE is the main purpose of life.

As you love through life you will come across people who will take your love for granted. You will not be loved the way you expected in some situations. You will be heart broken, betrayed, battered, bruised, and pushed aside. The love you “generate” inside will slowly turn into bitterness and hate. Regret. Pain! This is why it is important and mandatory to LOVE YOURSELF! You have to regenerate that love through you from you in order to know how to love someone else. You spread whatever you are! Bitter, sad, to happy, mad. It is important to know what you are spreading. You could end up finding that one who does love you and push them away because you are not able to love as you should because your machine (heart) is on empty.

LOVE YOURSELF. Put yourself first when it comes to health, mentally and physically. It is very much needed to love others to meet our lives purpose but in order to do that we MUST find love inside of ourselves. Once we find love in ourselves we will be able to see real love in others. In this case of loving yourself it is okay to BE Selfish! Learn to love yourself the way you expect to be loved. BE Selfish, and pick and choose who you allow to love/”love” you.  If something is not healthy for you, causing you stress, to lose or forget who you are, BE Selfish, love yourself and remove yourself from that situation. Friendship, relationship, and sometimes even family! Point Blank and Simple. When it comes to self-love, BE Selfish!

Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent


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