I LOVE to laugh! I LOVE to give advice. I ask for advice. I like to tell past stories. I listen to some. I like company. I like attention. I ALWAYS HAVE TO KEEP IT REAL. I have met a lot of people through life. Especially now being a flight attendant I appear closer to more than I ever have. Appear! I have sat on jump seats with many co-workers, heard their stories, shared mine, laughed, and when the trip was over, never heard from them again. I have shared deep stories with one person. A few trips later I have heard my story told back to me word for word from someone not even connected to anything. I have been asked for advice and given all of my truth only to be judged. I have paid for meals. I have had my meals paid for. I have swum, sat on the beach, went out to clubs, boat rides, mountain climbing, long walks, many chats, lots of drinking, cried, hugged, and LAUGHED with MANY people even outside of my job. Still, not all of them are considered friends.

In my opinion you can’t truly call someone friend unless you have been to hell with them and when you came back they were still there to help get all the ash debris from hell off of you. I personally want to know that if we disagree, fight, and argue that we will still be able to move around it. When we apologize, it comes from a place that is saying I love you and I hurt you and because your hurting, I hurt too. I want to know that when I share a personal story and ask for advice, that I won’t be judged but yet the truth with charity of course will be used in advising me.

Simply put, I learned through many years and most times the hard way that not everyone is or will be your friend. Typically, we as humans like to chat with strangers, we NEED to laugh, we like sharing common stories and lots of times strangers are nice. When you have a short, quick connection with someone like this it’s easy to say, “we are a lot alike, we get along, WE GOTTA KEEP IN CONTACT and REMAIN FRIENDS. It’s worst if we are already in a lonely state of emotion. I’m not knocking this down. Friends are made from strangers sure, but in this day we are giving that title away to easy and in many situations the title is given to those that don’t want or deserve it. The ones who are there for us and considered real friends are replaced because of a fight/disagreement, pettiness.

Jokes are funny and will be laughed at. Stories that are heart wrenching make us cry and causes us to empathized or maybe common stories allow us to sympathize with one another. You will be treated to dinner, gifts will be given, discounts, I might even throw you a buddy pass but listen, THAT DOESN’T MAKE US FRIENDS! These are natural emotions, kind gestures and yes, possibly the start of a great friendship.

BE Real! Realize that some people you come across were just meant for that moment/season. Company is sent when needed. Many times God/the Universe speaks to us through these short encounters and that’s all it was intended for. BE Real, and choose your friendships wisely based time and energy. BE Real and understand that even those you call friend may not BE your friend at all. I mean really, you could be blind folded, taken to the club, loud music, lots of drinks. Write down stories and pass them to the other person who is blind folded. Laugh, possibly cry. Take the blind folds off and discover you have been partying with the enemy the whole time. Right? BE REAL!

Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent


One thought on “BE Real

  1. OMG.. I love EVERYTHING about how real this is- pun intended. It’s so true that every encounter and acquaintance will not be a friend. I oftentimes feel like the title of friend is thrown around carelessly without consideration for what it actually entails… The bible says a friend will stick closer than a brother… Everybody isn’t going to fit the bill. I love you! ???

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