This Keynote is one of my favorites. It came from an evening of arguments and being indecisive. In my past I didn’t make choices based off of my own feelings but yet the feelings of another person. NEVER AGAIN! You not only end up hurting yourself, you end up hurting everyone involved. Often times, when we are unsure and not happy in an area of life, we make quick decisions that are solely based on emotions. Making assumptions in our heads and sometimes acting on impulse and giving up. I feel I have done this so much in the past. I sit and think of all the things I’ve lost, the good jobs I’ve left, the people I’ve hurt. Some would say, including me, that it’s okay because the path has gotten me to where I am today. What if however, I’ve missed or passed up something that was meant for me and only that one chance came along to keep it?

Discernment: (dictionary) The ability to judge well.

(Christian Content) Perception in the absence of judgement with a view to obtaining spiritual direction and understanding.

Many in the religious field believe that not all have the “gift” of discernment. My opinion? We all have it; it works something like our intuition. We just have to learn to tap into it and make sure it is solid feeling and not a cloudy head causing confusion and crazy assumptions.

Smart and wise are very similar words. Know the difference!

Smart: Having or showing a quick- witted intelligence.

Wise: Having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgement.

The Keynote says be smart and stay and wise and walk away but it could be switched around. Wise stay, smart leave. Just the same, you can discern good and also bad.

I had a few personal examples to share with you but then I realize I need those examples to explain other keynotes. So I’ll just break it down. Don’t make silly mistakes based on just what you feel emotionally.

So you’re not super excited about your job anymore, or maybe you don’t get along with a few people in the office. This job feeds you, pays your bills, and there is possible room for growth in the company. BE SMART and stay! Wait it out, hope for the best. However, let’s say this job is harmful to your health. Dead end entry level, your boss doesn’t appreciate you and your health is in danger from all the stress you bring home. BE WISE and know you got to get out there and find something else! YET, go back and BE SMART and know you can’t leave until you find another job.

In your relationship, your partner has a few habits that are driving you nuts. They smoke, they complain, they snore, they are gaining weight, whatever you can imagine. Deeply they love you and treat you well. BE SMART, keep them. But BAAAAABBEEEE if they are abusive, their story changes up and you start losing trust for them, BE WISE and let it go!

SIMPLE! I don’t even have to go deep to get this message across. In all situations we must use our intelligence and our wisdom and determine what is best for us. BE Discerning and learn to discern what is best for YOU in all situations. You don’t want to walk away from something that may be making you stronger but you don’t want to stay with anything that is slowly taking you away from being the greatest you can be. Most importantly, you don’t want to make a decision based on emotions, losing a blessing, gaining stress, all because you weren’t able to discern between the two.

Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent


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