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Whether it is a club party, house party, street party, block party, birthday party, with alcohol, without, DJ, Radio, or live band, I will dance my ass off all night! Start a pity party and watch me turn around and walk away real fast. Don’t misunderstand me, I pity myself a lot and cry and pout and woe is me, blah bah, but….TO MYSELF! Not everyone wants to hear all of that negativity!

I used to throw a good pity party! People used to come to them and make me feel like I threw the best! Eventually, they stopped coming to them! I GET IT! There is nothing worse than being around someone who is being so negative and down on themselves. Now, to be emotional about something that has affected you badly is understandable and deserves an ear. Pity is opposite! It’s when one complains about misfortunes they feel they have from other people. I only have 46 subscribers to this blog and I know others read it and don’t click like or share or comment and it hurts my feelings. Its stopping me from being the best inspirational blogger I can be. BIH Please! Didn’t that sound ridiculous? To me it did. Usually one pity’s over and over again and it gets old!

It’s almost like the boy who cried wolf. Remember that story? A boy tells a lie and another until no one believes him and then something really happens and too late! Everyone already knows him as a liar. Same for people who pity themselves over and over again. Eventually everyone will connect you to being a complainer of life and the moment you really need someone to listen to your pain,………(EYE ROLL)……..BYE GIRL!

Listen, if things are bad for you in any part of your life it is okay to complain and express it! However, once you acknowledge it and voice it, work at changing it! Okay so your job doesn’t treat you as you feel you deserve they should? Apply for another job! You don’t have any friends around who show you how important you are? Make some! No one calls you on the phone anymore CALL THEM! Your biracial and you don’t feel you fit in? find others who are different and fit in with them. OKAY so you get most of these are my own pity’s, but you get it!

The point is that being down all the time and inviting everyone to dance with your woes is pitying yourself and its hardly considered a party! Instead of being down and out all the time try finding a few positive things in life to BE Cheerful about. If you do this, you will eventually see things around you change for the better! There is so much power in the tongue! You being negative and pitying yourself will allow everyone who sense’s it the opportunity to keep you down! Being Cheerful will bring so much positivity to you and everyone around you! IT WILL SURELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Now, THAT”S something to dance to!

BEieve, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent


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