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BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP NAG NAG NAG NAG….SNOOZE! Big day ahead of you, maybe even a huge week. You put an outfit on and feel like Olive Oyl crept in last night and replaced your size clothes for her own size. You try on another outfit, the phone rings. BILLS, BILLS, BILLS, DUE! You hang up! Phone rings again. JOBLESS. About to lose your mind! You call your boyfriend/girlfriend and cry to them. Instead of, “it’s okay” you hear “it’s over”! Great now your single again! TODAY is a BAD DAY! Yup sure is! Because you just put it out there! Not only the universe (God) heard you, but you now believe it and will have no problem convincing everyone else who crosses your path that your day, maybe week, and if your super dramatic, your life is awful!

Did you forget you woke up this morning? Did you notice that YOU were able to reach over and hit snooze? You also could have hit the off button and just went back to sleep. You put on clothes, that was your choice. YOU answered the phone, you hung up, you called your lover, and YOU declared today to be a bad day! BUT YO ASS FORGOT YOU WOKE UP TODAY!

I’m being a little dramatic but all of this could happen in a day. IT COULD! It’s okay if it does! It all goes back to the saying; things happen for a reason! THEY DO! All in one day you realized, you needed to start that diet and healthy living right away, you were released from your dead end, entry level job and forced to change into another position/career. You were reminded before losing your job that you have bills that need your attention so that will get you out there pounding the pavement quickly for a paper replacement. Most importantly you learned that the man/woman you chose to love was no good anyway! Life is now going to change for you. You have been saying you need a change anyway right? And it’s all because you woke up!

I have what we would consider bad days. Trust me, I have even said it’s been a bad few years in the past. I learn though that optimism is very important. You know, that, do you see the glass half full or half empty? I used to answer this “it depends on if the liquid in the glass is being poured in or out”! SMART ASS!  I now realize that it doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or empty. It matters that you have a glass and you got a little drank if you should need it. Same for life my friends. So what? A few bad things happened to you today, this week, all last year. It was just a bad moment in the day. Don’t take the positive away from the rest of day. I mean YOU DID WAKE UP, nothing bad about that. YOU still have LIFE, Nothing bad about that! Now! BE Optimistic and get out there and make your day GREAT!

Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE

Keone Dent


4 thoughts on “BE Optimistic

  1. Wow this was right on time, i needed this because so many times i pour so much of my energy into other people that i sometimes doubt that when i need someone will they be there. Thanks Keone for the uplift

  2. “Optimistic”….. I have always considered myself optimistic, sometimes I catch myself being negative, but this Keynote is perfect, Always look at the positive side of things, make a NO turn into a YES. Thank you Keone, You are a very wise man.

  3. I have been guilty of this. Many times:/ but I am so glad that I am taking back my life and opening my eyes on how I want to live it! Making my plans and following through. Life is always good as long as you still have it, DEFINITELY!

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