BE Kind

Everyone that comes across your path was meant to come across your path! You have heard that phrase “It’s a small world”. IT IS! It’s your world. Everything in it was supposed to be and that includes EVERYONE you meet.

You only have this one life and if you care anything about it, you try your best to take good care of it. You may not do all of the following but I’m sure there are a few things you relate to; you feed yourself to stay healthy, exercise, groom yourself by getting massages, nails done, hair styled. You paint (and in some cases BEAT) that face, you pay bills. If you have your own place, you clean it, you wash clothes, you bathe (wait you do bathe right?), you give yourself encouraging pep talks in every mirror you pass (oh, just I do that? Cool). Your KIND to your life. To keep it up, maintain happiness.

Family members are a part of your life, yes even the one messy cousin you have that can’t keep her mu fing mouth shut about anything. Pet’s you own, part of your life, doctors, lawyers, FLIGHT ATTENDANTS working your flight. They are all a part of your life and maybe not forever but for however long they are supposed to be in the storyline. You never know their purpose either. I want to concentrate on being kind to new people you meet. They aren’t always people you choose to be “a part” of your life, but the point is they are. And YOU don’t know why they come initially or where they will end up in your life. Take your FLIGHT ATTENDANT if you will, (or if you are a flight attendant, replace with your PASSENGER). Something, not great, happens while on the plane (God forbid) and you need to evacuate. YOU have no idea YOU would need that same person you were or were not kind to. Or imagine Snooty Jessica, (I don’t know anyone snooty with this name), but she isn’t the best towards you and you react in a negative way and one day you are blessed with that new job and SURPRISE that Hoe is now your new boss. Don’t forget the most important example. Fragile Shuntrese (I don’t even know a made up person by this name) is having an awful time in life and doesn’t know how to separate her feelings from the rest of the world that has nothing to do with her woes. She comes across you and you give her the same cold shoulder she gave you and you were the last straw and NOW she is giving up on life. I can come up with so many examples or even elaborate on these but I’m trying to keep my blog to the point, quick and easy to read. SOOOOO

I’ll you that I used to take my sarcasm and witty persona to the extreme. If someone hurt me I hurt them with my words and quick responses. I still sometimes slip back into this. I’m growing and healing just like you so JUDGE ME NOT! I Digress. I also notice that it became HABIT, my defense mechanism, to spit out unkindness before it was spit at me just because I felt it coming. This habit then takes over and you find that people still like your sarcasm and witty ways but FROM A DISTANCE and you FEEL ALONE. I still banter with those that can handle it and know who I am but for the most part I am kind to all and find that it is changing me for the better. I’m happier, things that I wanted and deserve are coming into my life, all around my life is feeling good! Don’t you DARE get me mixed up though if I have a reason to kindly put you in your place I WILL… This blog is not about teaching you to be a push over, but inspiring you to be a better YOU.

When you go through your daily routine and you past someone and give them a smile and they don’t smile back, SO WHAT, BE Kind anyway and let them have the free smile. If you Assist someone with something, IDK, like holding the door, they fail to say thank you, GET OVER IT, BE Kind anyway and wait for the universe/God to thank you later. To The Point, finally, after several paragraphs, BE Kind to your life and realize that EVERYONE in your life, big role or small, family member or stranger, Season or a lifetime, is a part of your life. BEING Kind to others is BEING Kind to YOURSELF!

Believe, BE Free, BEYOUtiful…BE

Keone Dent


One thought on “BE Kind

  1. TRUE WORDS….. God even want’s us to be kind to one another, never know when you might be entertaining an angel 😉
    AWESOME Keone !!

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