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Have you ever been to a job interview or an audition (in most of my cases), doubting yourself? “Knowing” that there is someone else going for the same position that will probably be more experienced, more qualified for the position. You go into the establishment and you see the other candidates. They don’t look like regular humans. They look like Celebrities, Models, dressed in their best, “look at me” outfit. When you speak to them they sound very confident and intimidating asking you questions that you were only prepared to answer to the interviewer. Now, your sweating, nervous, looking in the mirror wondering if you wore the best you have. Comparing yourself to all the others waiting calmly. You start questioning yourself even more and changing your answers you came up with just in case a question was asked. You start changing the arrangement of the song you chose to audition with. Finally, your called and during your audition and interview you can’t be yourself completely. You start saying things you think the interviewer wants to hear. You come up with corny jokes causing you to make the face of what the f*&% did I just say? And your face will show it especially if you are as animated as I am. Then you get home and think why wasn’t I just myself. Why didn’t I say this, do that? I’m NOT going to get it! Well, you just told the universe, in my opinion, God, that you are not worthy or good enough. There is power in that tongue and I’m not talking about sexual pleasure (stares blankly). You speak what you feel and it will be!

Instead, know what you are worth! Dress how you feel most represents your greatness, look in the mirror and remind yourself that you have a purpose and a place here on earth. Know that whatever YOU were created for is only for YOU and YOU were made to be great at it. Go to that interview, meet the other candidates. Matter of fact, YOU walk up to the candidates, introduce yourself and ask them how is their day going or how are they feeling. When they respond with how you are doing, reply, GREAT! Walk humbly, yet confidently into the interview room. BE Nervous, it’s a part of being great, but be yourself. Offer who you are, let them see your greatness! KNOW that if this is meant for you, it will be for you!

Now, don’t get my words all twisted. Being the Greatest doesn’t mean your better than anyone else. However, it means you are great, no, the greatest at being you because face it no one is YOU! HELLO DOCTOR (head snap, eye blinks)! When you come to understand that you are not the BEST for everything but know you are the GREATEST for what YOU have been placed here for, EVERYONE else around you will believe the same. You will bleed greatness!

So, Next time you go to your audition for the part of Cinderella, even having total confidence during the audition and know in your heart that you were made for this role, yet you get the call back offering you the role of the evil Step Sister, know you were chosen for what fits you, a role YOU were chosen for because only YOU could fulfill it! You go to the interview for secretary, have the confidence that you are the greatest for the position, offer all of you and show you are made for the position. If or when you get the call saying they chose someone else for the position, chill homie! Maybe you were made to have your own business and hire your own secretary!

No longer worry about being better than anyone else. Don’t compare yourself, don’t questioning yourself, STOP DOUBTING your worth! Just BE GREAT! Knowing you are the greatest YOU, that anyone else can be!


Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent




2 thoughts on “BE Great

  1. This is true and people need to realize exactly what you are saying……God gives everyone a purpose and no matter the size, all is important.

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