BE Persistant

Many doors are closed in our faces every day. Well, for most of us, and if your one who never faces failure or hasn’t dealt with rejection, then your perfect and I would like you to create a blog that teaches us all how to be just as perfect as you are! BORING! I believe that failure and closed doors are reasons to continue to keep going. I believe rejection is a guide from God, or The Universe if you prefer, to place us where we are truly supposed to be within our purpose or simply make us stronger in whatever passion that has been given to us.

This Keynote is simple! Imagine the world stops! No more money system, no farmers, no one is building anything anymore. All warehouses and factories have shutdown. No more fashion designers, doctor offices exist no more, crusty toes and ashy ankles because there are no more salons and lotion is no longer being produced. Everything in the world has stopped except for you. You’re still trying to be all you can be but with no resources. Silly right? How? Why? The world is still moving and growing. There are still things to be done and positions in life to be filled. You’re here! You’re here for reason. Let’s understand that if you don’t discover “it”, someone in the world will. If you don’t produce it, someone in the world will. If you don’t make them laugh, someone will, if you don’t inspire them, I will, lol (no really). IF YOU DON’T THE WORLD STILL WILL.

Let me go further into the doors closing. You’re a solicitor, knocking door to door. The first door you knock on answers and says, no thanks. The second door Curses you out and makes you feel small (don’t worry just keep my first keynote in mind “Pretend to be Confident, until it becomes a habit”). The third door doesn’t answer but you see the shadow of their eye in the peep hole. Three different doors and so far no one has bought anything. You now try the fourth door and they buy up the rest of your product and want more. Same thing with opportunity in life. Three doors may close in your face, but that 4th door could be your dreams coming true or spark even a new passion or talent that you would have never discovered had the first door accepted you.

Okay, this keynote isn’t all that deep and it doesn’t take dissecting word for word to understand it. It is real though. I believe we all should be reminded that we are here for a reason. We must know that if we don’t do what we are meant to do on earth that someone else will be chosen in our place. So BE Determined, while the world is still going…. YOU keep going to…. What do you have to lose?


Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE

Keone Dent




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