The Definition of Altruism is: The belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others.

My break down of this word is; All True in Sincere Matters!

It definitely feels great to receive rewards and gratitude in the form of gifts/money but in many situations we should approach helping others from the kindness of our hearts without expecting anything in return. Today’s keynote relies mostly on an experience of mine. Here is the story.

About a year and a half ago I laid over in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Palace Station. A decent hotel, but compared to the other hotels on the strip, this one hosted not only flight attendants on short layovers but also prostitutes, pimps, gigolos, and broke folks who couldn’t wait just a few more months of saving up money for their Vegas trip, in order to stay in a better, more memorable hotel. If you can imagine this huge lit up hotel on Sahara Ave. across the street from the old Vegas strip, divided by a super busy highway. Not a highway you can just walk across and no bridge to get you across it. Besides its summer and lots of humidity and you already are dealing with “man”apause and don’t feel like getting dressed up just to appear like you have decided to take a dip in the pool fully dressed! So instead you decide to stay in the hotel area and walk around looking like you are enjoying your short 12 hour layover at which 8 of those hours SHOULD be designated to resting before the next flight in the morning.

I’m drinking wine, RED MALBEC (yum), and about 3 big glasses in, when I decided to take a walk around the entire out skirt of the Palace Station. Sipping my fourth glass of wine, feeling myself at this point, waving to people who weren’t there and forgetting to say hi back to people who actually were there and took time to say hi to me. I get to the opposite side of the hotel from where I was originally posted up, being very nosy of the people walking in and out of the hotel and asking myself, are they prostitutes, Pimps, or just BROKE!  I come up behind an older gentleman. Black, in his late fifties maybe, BIG guy. He was not walking very straight (I don’t mean he was walking gay). He was slightly stumbling, and I assumed he was drunk. To our left was the building lined with spikey bushes, to the right, the parking lot and main drive way to the hotel. I didn’t feel comfortable passing him by and going about my business as I normally would. I stayed behind him. Tipsy myself, I was still able to focus and went into Hero mentality. I like to think I’m storm from Xmen, mostly because of the color changes in my eyes. The man then dramatically stumbles to the left and starts to fall to the right! I dropped my wine (DAMMIT) and ran to the right side of him with my hands held out and caught him. Well, actually I fell with him and was his cushion. I got him up and asked him if he was okay, found out he was staying in our hotel and asked if I could help him back to his room. He was very grateful and took my arm and allowed me to lead him to the hotel main entrance. As we were walking I noticed another man, one I remembered seeing just standing around the hotel and thinking to myself, he isn’t a pimp, could be broke, but definitely on drugs. Black, tall, very skinny, hard face. He approached the man on the opposite arm I was holding onto. “I saw your fall sir” he said, and asked if we needed help getting him to his room. The old man said sure, I said nothing. Speeding up the story, we get to his hotel room and open the old man’s door. The old man starts crying and thanks us for helping him to his room along with explaining that he was a successful lawyer and recently had to put his wife in a nursing home, Hospice, and was trying to clear away the idea of losing her. I hugged him told him to get sleep. As I walked around the corner from his room I decided to stand there for a minute. Glad I did! I hear the other man say sir I’m trying to get home and need some money. “For HELPING you into your room can you help a BROTHER out”? The man explains he doesn’t have cash and says sorry. The man proceeds to say we can go to the atm. “It’s only fair you help me since I helped you and didn’t leave you in the street. I ran back around the corner, Like Cruella Deville, I mean PISSED! I told him exactly what I want to pass on to YOU, the reader of this blog!

When you do something for someone, do if from your heart and DO NOT expect anything from return from that person! Just because your reward didn’t come in the form of money or a reward from the person in need doesn’t mean you WON’t be REWARDED…. God has seen what you have done and if you don’t believe in him KARMA as taken note! YOU will be rewarded in due time. So do good deeds people! Don’t BE GREEDY! BE ALTRUISTIC!


Believe, BE Free, BE YOUtiful…BE!

Keone Dent


8 thoughts on “BE Altruistic!

  1. In due season you will reap what you sew if you just faint not!!!! So until my time comes, I’m going to shout on this one while I wait! Keep up the good work of Upliftment my friend.

  2. You took the words right out of my mouth Charles Lattimore. In DUE SEASON… may not come when you want it to but in God’s time you will receive the reward. I am proud of you Keone’, Love you much.

  3. Nice Ke. Great message. I must say, I loved the way you told this story, though. You had me laughing so very hard. Thank You!!

  4. I’d have to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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